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Whether your project is large or small we can help. We often have cost effective, pragmatic solutions to complex problems and draw upon our years of studio and home theater design and building experience. We evaluate and offer recommendations on issues of room acoustic response, acoustic treatments, sound leakage, room design, feasibility studies for new or remodel construction, and other matters pertaining to sound control. We work with clients locally, nationally and internationally.


YOUR aesthetic, our design. We don’t force our designs down your throat. Your creative vision (read Pinterest) dictates all aspects of our acoustic design. This includes elevations, floor plans, soundproofing & acoustic specs, interior design, equipment placement, colors and finishes. We use golden room ratios that optimize acoustic response and ergonomic design to work within the aesthetic and budgetary guidelines of our clients. We use both Sketchup and AutoCad to create and modify existing layoouts.


We have a crew of master carpenters who claim to be descended from the legendary craftsmen that built the ancient city of Dwarka for Lord Krishna. While this is yet to be verified, they make certain the details are finished to the highest standards. Our attention to detail is unmatched. For larger projects we serve as general contractor or project manager, have a team of seasoned sub-contractors, and facilitate all aspects to insure projects meet our specifications and are completed on schedule.