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Thanks for expressing an interest in becoming an Aural Exchange reseller! Our products have become the industry standard for acoustic treatment and soundproofing in India because they’re affordable and perform amazingly well. We offer a full line of highly effective products at a wide range of price points.

Our terms are very simple, and we don’t require you to sign a contract or commit to minimum quantities. All we ask is that you honour a few simple conditions, and treat us fairly as we promise to treat you. Our terms and conditions are as follows:

  1. We assume you undertake turnkey projects involving acoustics and/or are in the business of reselling AV or acoustic products, not just a consumer posing as a dealer hoping to buy at a discount. If we haven’t heard of you, or seen your ads online or in popular magazines, we require proof that you are a dealer in the form of a GST Number issued by your state, and we’ll ask to see your company web site or store. We also require payment at the time you order.
  2. In exchange for buying our products at a discount we expect that you will bring in new sales, not take sales away from us by undercutting our prices. Therefore we insist that you not advertise our products for a lower price than shown on our web site, or offer discounts like free or reduced shipping.
  3. Aural Exchange products are large and heavy, which makes them expensive to ship. Therefore, we’re glad to drop-ship directly to your customers to save everyone the cost of shipping twice. When we drop-ship to your customers we’ll send them your customized invoice and FedEx tracking information to you (only) by email.
  4. If your customers have pre-sales questions they are welcome to contact us. If they identify themselves as your customer we will not try to sell to them directly. Or you can call us and ask on their behalf if you prefer.
  5. Sound Proofing and Acoustic treatment is not rocket science. However, there are a few things you should know to sell our products effectively – in particular, why our products are better than other brands. Our Reseller Training program will help you to sell Aural Exchange products and better serve your customers. There’s a huge amount of information on this web site, and it’s all presented clearly in plain English. If you have questions, please call us or send email. The more you know, the more product we’ll both be able to sell.
  6. All products are available immediately and we stock everything on our wesbite. Our shipping time is typically 5 to 15 business days, though most orders usually ship within one week. Large orders can take five weeks or more. When you place an order, the invoice will indicate an estimated shipping date.
  7. Our dealer price list is available to legitimate dealers when they login to our website.

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