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Echoseal India was started in 2013 as an independent acoustic company in Gujarat, India. Echoseal has spent most time in acoustical
research to solve day to day acoustical problems. All their products are designed and manufactured in such a way that solves your echo problem as well as it looks as an attractive interior.

Echoseal’s vision is to be a transparent and innovative customer-oriented company which helps their clients to get quieter environment by providing quality products on time. They are committed to obtain total customer satisfaction.

Because noise pollution in India is increasing a lot, their mission is to be their customers’ first choice of contact as their problem solver in all the aspects of acoustic needs. We would like to offer them a complete range of excellent acoustics products and material which are cost-efficient, perfect and application-optimized products. Aural Exchange distributes EchoSeal products in India online for recording studio, broadcast studios, and home theatre segments.