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Most commercial cinemas in India have notoriously bad acoustics. This is due to, in equal parts

  1. Using a low quality audio system – you get what you pay for
  2. Improper or neglected acoustic design – if your acoustic consultant is your local carpenter, you’re probably going to lose a lot of customers because of bad audio.

If you do not understand the importance of good sound in a cinema, consider the following.

  1. Try and watch a film in a cinema with the sound turned off. Chances are you will give up watching in five minutes. Audio is 50% of the cinema experience.
  2. A very important case study is the PVR cinema in Juhu. Commissioned over eight years ago, this was the first time PVR used proper acoustic design and incorporated a high quality audio system from JBL. The result was a cinema that is famous even today in Mumbai for having the best sound. And this brings back people again and again.

Research has shown that the average Indian consumer associates a good cinema experience with good sound. Bad sound can cause headaches and subconsciously drive people away. The truly successful cinema owners have always known this secret and invested in great acoustics and sound systems just like they invest in good projection systems.

The acoustical design of cinematic theatres entails the sound isolation of the theatres from exterior noise, and from adjacent theatres, acoustic design of the room, and evaluation of the HVAC design with respect to noise generation. Our services in this area include computer modelling of rooms to determine all acoustic parameters including reverberation time, early decay times (EDT),and sound pressure level. This analysis can also be used to evaluate some acoustic anomalies within the room.

We provide detailed mechanical system design criteria early on in a project, so that the mechanical engineer can include these considerations early in the design. We then evaluate the system after it is designed to calculate noise levels within the theatre.

With modern digital sound systems, the evaluation of wall design between theatres is critical. The design of the wall itself is only one part of the entire process. Structure borne sound transmission through floors and sidewalls must also be evaluated. Exterior and interior wall designs are evaluated and CAD designs provided to the architect.

Cinema acoustics and theatre acoustics are key factors in creating memorable entertainment experiences. Acoustics By Design provides acoustical design consultation to commercial cinemas and theatres to help ensure captivating performing arts events, movies, and multi-media presentations from the cinema screen and theatre stage.

At Aural Exchange, our acoustical design engineers consult with cinema, theatre, and performing arts architects, facilities managers, and technical directors to ensure optimal cinema and theatre acoustics. To help us acoustically shape cinemas and theatres in the design phase, we employ sophisticated acoustical modelling software to predict and analyse reverberation, reflection, vibration, and other cinema acoustics and theatre acoustical concerns. For cinemas and theatres already built, our acoustical consultants use state-of-the-art acoustics measurement technology and predictive modeling to evaluate potential solutions to acoustical problems.

Isolating the cinema and theatre from unwanted, disruptive noise is just as vital. Aural Exchange noise consultants are typically engaged to also prevent noise and vibration from adjacent spaces, mechanical systems, and the exterior environment from adversely affecting cinema acoustics and theatre acoustics.

Aural Exchange also provides design and consulting services related to audio-visual, lighting, and technical systems to ensure that these systems integrate seamlessly with cinema acoustics and theatre acoustics.

Our experience includes services to performing arts centers, community theatres, commercial movie theatres, IMAX® theatres, recital halls, amphitheatres, cinema complexes, and other performance and entertainment venues.

As independent consultants, we don’t represent any product manufacturers, suppliers, or other service providers. Accordingly, our clients are assured our recommendations are free from bias and focused only on the best solutions for the issues at hand.

Aural Exchange works with commercial cinemas and commercial theatre facilities and their architects, designers, and owners.

Our cinema acoustics and theatre acoustics consulting services include:

  • Acoustical design
  • Noise control
  • Noise and vibration isolation
  • Mechanical systems noise control and vibration isolation
  • Audio-visual, lighting, and technical systems design


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