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Aural Exchange is India's largest supplier of {{acoustic|acoustical}} & soundproofing products in Fushe Kosove. We offer {{global|international|world-famous|internationally renowned|prestigious|award winning}} brands like Vicoustic, Nankarrow,  Knauf, Rockwool, Echoseal, Ecohush, Texsa, Danosa, and more with great technical consulting included and fast shipping with Fedex, the world's most reliable courier.

Whether your project is large or small we can help. We often have cost effective, pragmatic solutions to complex problems and draw upon our years of studio and home theater design and building experience. We evaluate and offer recommendations on issues of room {acoustic|acoustical} response, {acoustic|acoustical} treatments, {soundproofing|sound isolation| noise & vibration control|sound proofing|sound blocking|noise blocking}, room design, feasibility studies for new or remodel construction, and other matters pertaining to sound control. We work with clients locally, nationally and internationally.

We are a favourite of sound engineers, {acoustic|acoustical} consultants, musicians, architects, and interior designers in Fushe Kosove.