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Acoustic Fabric Gripper System

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Advantages of using Fabric Gripper Paneling System

FabricGripper Paneling System can be used for the venues like auditoriums,conference rooms, offices, hotels, convention centers, recording studios, home theatersmultiplex cinemas and sports venues.

2. provide the most advanced, innovative, application!oriented, techno-commercially superior, flexible stretched fabric solution for decorative and acoustic applications. Our gripper system is compatible with most fabrics from budget range screen and panel fabrics to high value silks. This flexibility allows interior designers and acoustic consultants to specify from a virtually unlimited choice of fabrics. We only sell top quality UPVC grippers

4. The engineered UPVC gripper profiles provide a framework for adding an interlining or acoustic infill within. Fabric is then dressed and stretched taut into the interlocking teeth of the framed profiles providing an immaculate finish.

5. All our grippers are free from harmful chemicals and the profiles do not liberate any kind of harmful gases or smoke.

6. The system is assembled on site and therefore allows full flexibility to provide a perfect fit to adjacent components and finishes and also can achieve very crisp edges and joints for designs.

7. You can choose from straight edge, beveled edge, and curved edge gripper profiles.

8. Once you install fabric along with our gripper systems, undulations do not occur, since fabric is free floating in the panel, not stuck to the system.0.t can be fitted to any $all or ceiling surface including uneven substrates.1.f you $ant to replace fabric anytime or $anted to do refurbishment at the site, $e cando later the sho$ time or before the sho$, that means you don3t have to stop your $ork4sho$.11.e have in!house skilled people for the $ork, $e don3t sublet or contract any one of our ob by anyone, so that $e ensure 5uality is mentioned.12.)ine 6esign has a $ide range of profiles of varying depths and sections. %his enables thedesigner to create unlimited design solutions including irregular and complex shapesand curved surfaces.