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There is nothing worse than trying to have a conversation in a room with poor acoustics. You may have experienced it yourself at restaurants, in institutions and at schools. Good sound conditions are super important – especially in the home.

Our acoustical panels are often used in spaces to control reverberation while adding a premium look to the room. They are functional yet decorative.

There are several ways to use wooden acoustic panels. You can install them as a sound dampening ceiling or – as most of our customers do – install them on the wall.

Aural Exchange offers wooden acoustic panels for walls and ceilings, with an excellent acoustic absorption for public and private spaces, auditoriums, theaters, hotels, offices. We represent global brands like Vicoustic, Nankarrow, Ecohush, Armstrong, and more.

Slotted acoustic panels

Slotted acoustic panels provided in modular slats that meet certain technical and aesthtic features related to acoustical absorption and excellent installation results.

Perforated acoustic panels 

Perforated acoustic panels in formats and dimensions ready for walls and dropped ceilings.

3D acoustic panels 

3D Grooved acoustic panels with different designs and dimensions ready to install in walls and dropped ceilings.

Custom Wooden Acoustic Panels

On demand it is possible to produce acoustic panels with special specifications for walls and curved applications.