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Soundproof Acoustic Doors

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Doors often contribute the most to noise issues, making them an important element in any acoustical treatment application.

The largest gap in a wall (and weakest link for soundproofing) is a door. Often the space between the door and the frame leaks noise. Adding to the issue is that most interior doors in India have a hollow core. While this makes them more cost-effective, it causes a very big noise problem

How to Soundproof a Door

Complete door soundproofing requires expensive alterations to the existing door frame and labor-intensive construction. The weight of the finished door and its assembly can range from 150 to 300 kg.

We offer a line of heavy duty, soundproof doors specifically engineered for durability and sound transmission loss (STC). We also carry a selection of door and window accessories to provide sound seals to existing doors and windows. Whether it’s for new construction or retrofit, we can help!

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