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Aural Exchange offers industry-leading thermal insulation that reduces your energy bills, ensures thermal and acoustic comfort and provides upto 120 minutes of fire safety for your Building.

Thermal insulation is used to control the heat transfer between two different temperatures with the help of various thermal insulation materials. Thermal insulation is implemented in many areas like warehouses, residential area, industrial area, manufacturing sectors, residential buildings, independent houses, etc.

Importance Of Thermal Insulation In India

India is a tropical country where the ambient temperature varies from 25deg. to 45 deg. C and in some places even 50 deg. C whereas in winter the temperature varies from 20 to 100 deg. C or in some places even sub zero temp and in the humid areas it varies from 60 to 98 percent due to which high ambient and high humidity gives results of uncomfortable working conditions which causes lower productivity.

Thermal Insulation helps in to prevent heat moving from one place to another. Thermal insulation in India is very much important because here the population more than the area to lived due to which traffic and pollution is high. The importance of having thermal insulation in buildings is to maintain a comfortable and hygienic indoor climate at low different temperatures.

The thermal insulation materials used to reduce the transmission of heat into the place that offers resistance to heat transmission. Many times the best thermal insulation could not block the heat completely. Every material transferred some heat of temperature that has a higher temperature on one side than the other. Heat always move from a hot region to a region that is less hot. In other situation the heat moves from the hotter region to the cooler region will increase in temperature.

Thermal insulation in India can be achieved with some special methods as well as there are needs of object with suitable shapes and materials. Heat flow is an inevitable consequence of contact between objects of different temperature.

ROCKWOOL and FIBERGLASS insulation is fireproof, even against temperatures above 1000°C and it also ensures an excellent sound insulation. Other forms of thermal insulation like Polyurethane Foam, Nitrile, & EPS are also common.

Thermal insulation in India plays an important role that provides a region of insulation in which thermal conduction is reduced and thermal radiation is reflected rather than absorbed by the lower temperature.

The insulating capability of a material is measured with thermal conductivity. Considerations regarding building and climate should be the average climate conditions in the geographical area that location and the temperature the area is used at. Please contact us to verify the thermal insulation that you need for your commercial or residential project as we have accurate calculators that can help specify an accurate solution.