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Nankarrow IsoBarrier™ 4pcs 4ft x 2ft Composite High Density Soundproof Panel

Bespoke Product
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  • Designed in Russia
  • Fully CNC Laser Cut with No Imperfections
  • A high-performance structural composite suitable for a huge range of extreme soundproofing & damage control applications
  • Helping architects & contractors achieve project success since 2010
  • Average Density 1750 Kg/cubic meter
  • Excellent sound attenuation properties due to its super high density rigid and limp mass structure
  • Vibration reduction: an ideal solution to solving vibration problems
  • Non-combustible Class A Building Material
  • Colour : Grey

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Product Description

Nankarrow IsoBoard™ is a soundproof bonded magnesium oxide board made out of magnesium oxide, 15% pine wood bonded by polymeric fiber and cement. This makes for a revolutionary, waterproof, soundproof acoustic panel designed to improve impact and airborne noise transfer.
IsoBoard™ Acoustic Panels are constructed from three well established building materials- magnesium oxide, wood and cement. IsoBoard™ is a very dense product, light grey in colour and both faces have a hard smooth flat surface.  Due to adoption of a special manufacturing process, the panel acquires the strength & durability of magnesium, & the easy workability of plywood – a combination of qualities absent in any other board. Magnesium Oxide is strong & durable and is not affected by fire, weather, termites, etc. Wood is light & strong, & is easily machinable. As the magnesium oxide particles in the board are mineralized with chemicals during the manufacturing process, so the board become termite & vermin resistant. Nankarrow IsoBoard™ is a mineral based green builder product, and it is homogenous – no de-lamination. Nankarrow IsoBoard™ is THE NEW GENERATION BUILDING MATERIAL.

Please note that Nankarrow IsoBoard™ is available two thickness sizes 10mm and 20mm. So please speak to our team, our team isn’t afraid of getting technical, and the information we can provide goes a long way toward maximizing your investment.


  IsoBoard™ Plywood Gypsum Board Calcium Silicate Board MgO Board
10mm + 10mm Partition on 2″ Frame 23dB 15dB 14dB 18dB 19dB
20mm + 20mm Partition on 2″ Frame 36dB 24dB 23dB 28dB 29dB


Note: Adding one layer of Tecsound 100 between two 10mm Isoboard panels gives you an STC of 45db with a total thickness of only 25mm (1 inch). This is the preferred approach to critical soundproofing applications, such as recording studios and home theaters.

IsoBoard™ is three times as heavy as plywood, and thus has three times better soundproofing abilities. A 10mm thick panel of IsoBoard™ provides the same soundproofing as a 24mm thick plywood panel

Key Features:

  • Designed in Russia
  • Fully CNC Laser cut with No Imperfections
  • Excellent sound attenuation, acoustic dampening material with higher density and elasticity.
  • Excellent load-carrying capacities over spans up to 4 feet.
  • Highly moisture resistant
  • Resistant to fungus, termite/vermin, impact and general abuse.
  • Non-toxic, contains no hazardous volatiles, asbestos or formaldehyde.
  • Environmentally safe
  • Dimension accuracy down to 1/16th inch, and highly stable.
  • Installs and fabricates using standard carpentry tools and equipment.
  • Nailable for shingle applications as roof sheathing.
  • High fastener pull-out values.
  • Stronger and more rigid to allow thinner material to do the same job
  • Easier to work with using all types of hand tools and wood working equipment but also can be cut with quick score and snap faster than drywall
  • Non-combustible Class A Building Material
  • Dimensions : 8ft X 4 ft X ( 10 mm / 20 mm )
  • Available in Various Thickness : 10 mm / 20 mm
  • Qty : 1

IsoBoard™ Panel Uses:

  • For soundproofing wall, ceiling, and floor
  • Highest levels of soundproofing
  • Same properties as plywood, seamless finish.
  • Will not rot, warp, delaminate or disintegrate
  • Suitable for use in interior and exterior applications
  • Non-combustible
  • Easy to cut and fasten
  • Air borne sound reduction varies between 30 & 37 db for the frequency range 100 – 3150 Hz according to the thickness of IsoBoard™ Panel. When used in stud partitioning, a reduction of over 60 db can be achieved with suitable construction.

Due to dense monolithic structure, installations throughout the world show that even without sealing, the cement bonded particle board suffers insignificant deterioration when exposed to extreme climatic conditions. The board can withstand any temperature from -40 to +90 deg. C.

Wood Workability

IsoBoard™ Panel can be drilled, sawn, & sanded with normal wood working tools. For bulk volumes, IsoBoard™ should be cut with Tungsten Carbide tipped circular saw & drilled with high speed steel drill bits. It can be fixed using screws & nails. Pre-drilling a hole slightly bigger than the shank would be required.

Smooth Surface

IsoBoard™ Panel is light grey in colour with a smooth finish. It can be decorated with minimum preparation. IsoBoard™ can be finished with laminates, foils, & paints using  Alkaline resisting adhesives, primers, & paints

Fire Resistance

IsoBoard™ Panel is highly fire resistant & has been classified as an incombustible material in many countries around the globe. Tested in accordance with BS 476 – Fire test on building materials & structures, Parts 6, 7 have classified it as a class ‘O’ building board with class I surface spread of flame. IsoBoard™ can be used for the construction of fire resistant building elements to satisfy the criteria of I.S.O. 834 – 1975 & I.S. 3809 – 1979 for 1/2 hour to 4 hours fire rating.

Weather Resistance

With cement constituting 62% of its composition, IsoBoard™ offers excellent resistance to weather. The board has been subjected to many cycles of soaking, freezing, & heating without any sign of disintegration. The board should generally be painted or for external applications to provide a weather seal. This makes IsoBoard™ ideal for homes in coastal regions.

Biological Properties

Due to mineralisation of particles, IsoBoard™ Panel is resistant to termite & vermin attack. It also does not support fungal growth. Untreated samples exposed to contact with ground surface for several years have no sign of rot or decay.

Other Information

Please note that the All 101 stories of Taipei 101 in Taipei Taiwan, which until recent times was  tallest building in the world, has used MgO sheeting on the inside and outside of all the walls, fireproofing beams and as the subfloor sheathing. MgO Sheeting is the “official” specified construction material of the 2008 World Summer Olympics buildings in Beijing a project costing over 160 billion dollars.

Technical Specifications

Weight 10 kg


Individual Product Size

120 cm X 60 cm X 2.5 cm

Units in Box



Auditorium, Home Theater, Offices & Conference, Recording Studios


5 Years


25 mm

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