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Texsa Tecsound® Limp Mass Loaded Vinyl Membrane – Made in Spain

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In stock
  • Density: 2000 kg/m³ (Twenty Five Times heavier than RockWool, as heavy as lead)
  • Industry standard – market leader for over 30 years
  • Pliability: Does not break when bent at -20°C
  • Tensile strength: 30 N/cm²
  • Elongation: 300%
  • Crushing strength: 4.84 kg/cm²

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13,900.00 incl GST

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Product Description

Tecsound® is a high-density, polymer-based asphalt-free synthetic soundproofing membrane, which is visco-elastic and highly adaptable, and provides good acoustic insulation in the different construction elements without increasing thickness. We offer four variants – Tecsound 35, Tecsound 50, Tecsound 70, and Tecsound 100, and Tecsound SY100 (Self Adhesive)

Tecsound was first introduced to the soundproofing industry as a replacement for lead sheeting. Lead sheeting had been the soundproofing agent of choice for several years but, as we all know, lead was later determined to be a toxic agent and the need to find a replacement product became imperative.

Texsa Tecsound® Specifications:

  • Density: 2000 kg/m³ (Twenty Five Times heavier than RockWool, as heavy as lead)
  • Thickness: Tecsound 35 – 1.75mm, Tecsound 50 – 2.5mm, Tecsound 70 – 3.5mm, Tecsound 100 – 5.2mm
  • Pliability: Does not break when bent at -20°C
  • Tensile strength: 30 N/cm²
  • Elongation: 300%
  • Crushing strength: 4.84 kg/cm²

Texsa Tecsound® Advantages:

  • Vibration reduction: an ideal solution to solving vibration problems.
  • Convenient: Easy to install with Fevicol SR, Speb 7, or any high grade spray adhesive.
  • Practical: bitumen-free and totally recyclable

Texsa Tecsound® Applications:

  • Airborne noise insulation in vertical surfaces with low surface mass (lightweight partitions or panels in various materials)
  • Airborne noise insulation in ceilings and roofs
  • Reduction of impact noise level in all types of frameworks, information of floating floors
  • Damping of impact noise produced by atmospheric agents in metals roofs
  • In combination with sound-absorbent materials, it results in products with high acoustic performance characteristics
  • Its applications in the industrial sector range from soundproofing booths to insulation of machine rooms, drainpipes, acoustic damping of metal sheets etc.,

Mass Loaded Vinyl Membrane can be used in various places like Offices, Recording studios, Music rooms, Residential areas, Home theaters, Rehearsal rooms, Nightclubs, Auditoriums, Conference Rooms, Hotels, Dubbing room, Schools & Universities, Generator rooms, Commercial places, etc.

Texsa Tecsound® Features:

  • High acoustic insulation, combined with flexion-pliable elements (sheet plaster, carrier board)
  • Flexible
  • High elongation capacity
  • Easy to handle and adaptable to uneven surfaces
  • Hot and cold-resistant
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Excellent ageing-resistance
  • Rot-proof

Instructions for use

The Tecsound acoustic membrane can be applied to most surfaces including rendering , plasterboard, metal, and most plastics. The surface should be even smooth clean and dry. The surface should be cleared of any elements that might cause damage to the membrane. Old plaster work should be checked and possibly primed first to ensure good adhesion.

When adding to a wall you have a number of choices. With a resilient bar system we recommend that you add it at the 19mm plywood/gypsum/bison board level. Glue regular Tecsound with a high performance adhesive like Fevicol SR or Speb 7. The membrane should be overlapped at junctions and run right up to the walls and ceiling overlapping by around 10mm.

When adding to the floor we ideally recommend adding straight to the floor surface. This can be onto floor boards or to other floor surfaces. However you can also add draped over the joists, if you are looking to have wooden floor boards above. Again at the joins we recommend at least 3cm overlap and run the membrane right up to skirting boards or walls so no gap is left.

Ceiling applications can prove trickier and we would tend to use Tecsound 35 which is lighter and easier to handle. However if you are set on using Tecsound 100 on the ceiling we would again apply it after the the 19mm plywood / gypsum / bison board. This can then be sandwiched between the 19mm and 12.5mm boards.

Some of the many uses for the flexible membrane can be seen below. Its use in anything from car sound proofing to improving speaker performance. It also has use in industrial soundproofing.

Product Information & Installation Video


Weight 20 kg
Product Variant

Texsa Tecsound SY100 Self Adhesive (5.2mm / 10 kg/SqM), Texsa Tecsound 100 (5.2mm, 10 kg/SqM), Texsa Tecsound 35 (1.75mm, 3.5 kg/SqM), Texsa Tecsound 50 (2.5mm, 5 kg/SqM), Texsa Tecsound 70 (3.5mm, 7 kg/SqM)


Auditorium, Home Theater, Industrial, Nightclubs, Offices & Conference, Recording Studios, Restaurants

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  1. It deserves to be the best

    Jerry Thomson

    I have used this membrane in my home for acoustic insulation, really impressed with the product quality for which I have paid.

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  2. Amazing Product

    Ashish Shenolikar

    Extremely high density membrane. Used this is isolating my home studio. Amazing results.

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  3. Fixed the leak

    Amogh Gadre

    Good performance for damping sound leakage from door of home theatre. Requires additional layer of ply/mdf because it does not look good exposed. Very heavy and should handle with care – two people needed to install. Felt it was expensive but free shipping compensates for the price. Other companies offered lower rate but wanted Rs 3000 to courier one piece! 5/5 for one day delivery to Pune. Seamless transaction.

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