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You can use this Room Acoustic Consulting request form to get a detailed acoustic report that will help you understand your project better and make knowledge-driven buying decisions. This report is provided to you free of cost but is a very time-intensive process for our team, so we respectfully ask you to use this form only for urgent projects.

This analysis is primarily for:

  1. DIY / Commercial Recording Studios / Music Rehearsal Rooms
  2. Hi-fi Listening Rooms
  3. Home Theatres

For larger projects like auditoriums, amphitheaters, cinemas, office spaces, and industrial projects, we will send you a quote or route you to a consultant or architect in your city.

Please take your time and fill up every section. Be sure to include photos of your premises from different angles showing all walls, ceiling, floor, doors and windows. If you have layout & elevation drawings available or even a hand-drawn sketch, please upload them here. Without this information it’s very difficult for us to start our analysis. We need to accurately model your room’s geometry so it is vital to know where the doors, windows are, where the furniture is, where your audio-visual equipment is (or going to be), the seating layout, etc.

What will you receive:

  1. Room Modal Analysis, we also model non-rectangular spaces
  2. Spatial visualisation of Room Modes
  3. Impulse Response LF prediction of untreated room
  4. Bass Trapping/Absorption/Diffusion required
  5. Reverberation times for untreated and treated room
  6. Impulse Response prediction of treated room

Starting your project without this information is like fishing in the dark.

There’s always a waiting list so please allow a minimum of 3-5 days to receive your analysis. Feel free to call us on +91-8779064294 for a quick chat at any time.