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You can use this Room Analysis Request form to help us understand your project and requirement. We normally charge between Rs 5000 – Rs 25000 for an analysis depending on the complexity of the project. For small DIY projects, we are able to do this free of cost. We will contact you with a quote after looking at the information submitted.

  • We follow different methodolies for rented and owned spaces. Usually we recommend modular/removable options for rented premises.
  • We follow different methodolies for residential and commercial spaces. It helps to know what kind of building you are located in.
  • Identifying Problem Areas

  • We always begin with identifying requirements. Any acoustical space must be reasonably protected from exterior noise and any sound you create inside should not disturb neighboring premises. Soundproofing is expensive, so Identifying problem areas correctly helps us keep your project cost down. Follow the 80/20 rule - if it's not going to be a problem 80% of the time, don't bother about it!
  • Acoustically treating a room improves the quality of sound within your room. Tell us what problems you have if any.
  • Room Dimensions

  • Room Surfaces

  • Make, sizes, and quantities of panels.
  • Electro-Acoustics Configuration

    This section is applicable mainly to recording studios and home theatres.
  • You can upload multiple files here. A sketch, drawing, Autocad layout, and/or requirement / tender / BOQ document that will help us understand your requirement better, please upload the files here. Allowed file formats are .jpg, .png, .pdf, .dxf, .rar, and .zip
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, png, gif, zip, rar, dxf.
  • Personal Details