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Aural Exchange was founded to solve two fundamental problems in the Indian market.

a) Provide direct access to practical and reliable soundproofing and acoustic products.

b) Address the shortage of qualified acoustic consultants and designers

Unlike the expensive acoustic panels available at this time, our products are not only dramatically less expensive due to our robust supply chain , but also come with significant performance advantages. Today Aural Exchange takes great pride in offering a full line of acoustical products from Vicoustic, Texsa, Ecohush, Roxul, Nankarrow, Knauf, Echoseal, Senor, Danosa, and many other brands based on the “better price/better performance” principle.

Aural Exchange continues to distribute industry-leading solutions that offer incredible performance at a price dramatically less than other over-hyped, much more costly alternatives.

One huge difference between Aural Exchange and our competitors is our passion to help ALL of our customers attain truer sound at a reasonable price. When it was apparent that there was no good, straight-forward guide to help customers build solid, reasonably-priced studios, our founder wrote the acclaimed Knowledgebase.

Over time, we’ve added to our growing staff quite a crew of acoustic engineers who help produce our exceptional, informative – and most importantly, understandable catalogs and websites.

Since our humble beginnings years ago we’ve become known for adding lots of value to your acoustics quest by offering tons of free suggestions and advice. We’ve ultimately evolved this into many thousands of free consultations facilitated by our industry-leading Room Analytics Report. Every one of our acoustic specialists are practicing musicians with considerable recording experience. Our team includes degreed acoustical engineers and THX certified professionals, MI grads, home theater experts, and veterans of many years of acoustical design and installation. They’re all at Aural Exchange because they love good sound!

Whether your space is a home studio, home theater, conference room, church multi-purpose room, professional studio, rehearsal hall, or simply your office, we can help you get the right sound at the right price! We gently help our customers understand why our products offer the best value and performance – and let our customers decide if an Aural Exchange purchase is right for them.

While there are a few other decent acoustical products out there, nowhere else will you find a staff like ours; a staff that’s committed to the excellence of every installation regardless of scope or price. Every day we live and breathe acoustics with a passion for better sound that sometimes borders on the fanatical. With all our years as performing musicians (both on tour and in the studio), as broadcasters, as music lovers, and as professional sound engineers, we know what you’re going through in your quest for better sound.

Our in-house testing facilities include a full equipped acoustic lab:

  • Partition Sound Transmission Loss Chambers: Sound Transmission Class (STC)
  • Ceiling Attenuation Chambers: Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC)
  • Sound Absorption Chamber: Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)
  • Floor-Ceiling Chambers: Sound Transmission Class (STC), Impact Insulation Class (IIC) and Reduction in Impact Sound Transmission (Delta IIC), with multiple test frames and overhead crane capabilities
  • Semi-Anechoic Test Chamber: Articulation Class (AC) and Interzone Attenuation (IA)

Our test capabilities include:

  • ASTM E90: Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions and Elements (ISO 140, Part 3)
  • ASTM E413: Classification of Rating Sound Insulation (STC)
  • ASTM E1111: Measurement of the Interzone Attenuation of Open Office Components
  • ASTM E1332: Standard Classification for Determination of Outdoor Indoor Sound Attenuation (OITC)
  • ASTM E1408: Measures the Sound Transmission Loss of Door Panels and Door Systems
  • ASTM E1414: Standard test for Airborne Sound Attenuation Between Rooms Sharing a Common Ceiling Plenum (ISO 140, Part 9)
  • ASTM C423: Sound Absorption and Sound Absorption Coefficients by the Reverberation Room Method (ISO 354)
  • ASTM E492: Test for Impact Sound Transmission through FloorCeiling Assemblies using the Tapping Machine
  • ASTM E2179: Test for the Effectiveness of Floor Coverings in Reducing Impact Sound Transmission Through Concrete Floors
  • ASTM E989: For Determination of Impact Transmission Class (IIC)
  • ASTM E1110: For Determination of Articulation Class (AC)
  • ASTM E795: Standard Practices for Mounting Test Specimens During Sound Absorption Tests