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Knauf Insulation is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of insulation products and solutions. They are present in more than 35 countries and have more than 38 manufacturing sites in 16 countries.

  • Strong and steady financial performance with turnover exceeding €2.5 billion.
  • Nearly 6,000 employees in more than 40 countries and 28 manufacturing sites in 15 countries.


  • Wide range of Glass Mineral Wool solutions for a extensive variety of applications.
  • Extremely versatile – can be used in applications from lofts and roofs to HVAC and industrial insulation
  • Excellent thermal performance, contributes to the good acoustics of buildings and is resistant to high temperatures
  • Our Glass Mineral Wool products have a high recycled content and are mainly derived from naturally occurring materials


In 2009 Knauf introduced a significant step change in mineral wool insulation through the introduction of their binder technology, ECOSE® Technology.

As well as the usual benefits from our traditional mineral wool, Knauf Insulation mineral wool with ECOSE® Technology offers…

  • No added Formaldehyde
  • Low product emissions – confirmed by Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold test results
  • Lower embodied energy*
  • Lower environmental impact*
  • Softer feel*
  • No artificial dyes added

Knauf glass mineral wool is one of the highest grades of acoustic glass wool available in India today.

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