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Acoustic Glass Wool Slabs & Rolls

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Acoustic Glass Wool or acoustic fiberglass is lightweight and has excellent acoustic absorption even at low densities. Glass wool is created through a unique process, as small pockets of air are trapped by fine glass fibres to produce a reliable insulating material. Aural Exchange has become a reference quality supplier for our top quality glass wool and our annual supply capacity is over 200000 square meters.

Advisory: India has the most dubious quality of glass wool available in local markets. When working with or installing ordinary Indian glass wool from the local market, the small fibers can be swallowed or inhaled, where they may remain in your lungs for long periods of time, potentially leading to health problems. Further, you will experience severe itching on the skin and throat and may have spells of feeling dizzy due to the formaldehyde present in local variants.

To mitigate these health risks, we recommend using high quality internationally certified glass wool. We only keep the highest grade of glass wool from reputed international brands like Knauf and Nankarrow. By spending just a little more, you can safeguard your health and also the environment, because our glass wool does not contain any added formaldehyde.

Take advantage of our experience by consulting with an Account Manager throughout the ordering process. We can help you select the perfect products to boost acoustics or control noise with solutions unique to your location’s needs —and it costs nothing. All of our potential clients have access to our FREE acoustic analysis, as well as professional consultations. Have your designers and architects contact us directly to uncover the correct specs for any job. Rest assured, we’ll steer you in the right direction.

You’ll be wowed by each of our soundproofing products, and the installation accessories we sell alongside them create the perfect finishing touch. From specialty tapes to installation mounts, we’ll identify the accessories needed to make the most of your entire purchase.