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RockWool Slabs

Rockwool Sound Insulation is made from stone, with a non-directional fibre orientation and a higher density, which means it traps sound waves and dampens vibration.  It’s not just heat that finds it tough to get through rock. ROCKWOOL products are also the most effective acoustic insulators used in construction.

Installing ROCKWOOL insulation provides a real reduction in external noise from traffic or neighbours, or internal noise between floors and rooms. Our specialist products allow you to design the right acoustic environment for each space, whether it’s a school hall, a concert hall or the rooms of a new home.

Natural Sound Barrier

It’s the open, porous structure of stone mineral wool that makes it highly efficient in protecting against noise pollution. In ceilings, noise screens, around noisy machines, in walls, roofs and floors and even underneath rail tracks, ROCKWOOL acts as a natural and effective sound barrier. Easy to cut to fit around cables, pipes, sockets and services, RockWool Sound Insulation is quick and easy to friction fit without leaving gaps or cracks, which can significantly reduce performance. ROCKWOOL Sound insulation repels water and is vapour permeable, and resists rot and mould.

Being made from stone also means exceptional fire performance; capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1,177C and achieving the highest fire resistance classification. ROCKWOOL Sound insulation is ideal for use in residential applications such as home offices, studies, recoprding studios, auditoriums, cinemas, bedrooms and bathrooms, and TV media and gaming rooms.

RockWool Features

  • Excellent Acoustic performance
  • Highest fire safety rating upto 1177 degrees celsius
  • Water repellent and vapour permeable
  • Resists rot and mould
  • Easy to cut and fit

Advantages of RockWool

Thermal Insulation

Rockwool offers excellent thermal insulation roll also offers exceptional fire protection, carrying the Euroclass A1 classification as well as the highest thermal performance.Rockwool is ideal for residential extensions and renovations – quick and easy to install to the highest standards so you can be sure every job is a better job. Being made from stone means ROCKWOOL is water repellent; however it also breathes, meaning it won’t trap moisture and will resist rot and mould, making it perfect for cavity walls. It also won’t slump or sag over time, delivering long-term thermal performance, ideal for use in the loft. And of course, because it’s ROCKWOOL and because it’s made from natural stone, it has unmatched fire resistance, protecting families and homes, as well as keeping energy bills low.

Sound Insulation

ROCKWOOL Sound Insulation is ideal for use in residential applications, such as home offices, studies, bedrooms, bathrooms and TV, media and gaming rooms. Made from stone, with a non-directional fibre orientation and higher density, ROCKWOOL Sound Insulation traps sound waves and dampens vibrations. But the performance is also in the fit – with easy to cut slabs, and fast friction fitting that leaves no gaps and won’t slump or sag. And of course, because it’s ROCKWOOL and because it’s made from stone, it has unmatched fire resistance – keeping families and homes, safe and sound

Rockwool Applications

  • Ceiling
  • Walls
  • Industrial Boilers
  • Ovens
  • Storage tanks
  • Typical acoustic application in Theaters
  • Multiplex Auditoriums Etc.
  • Generator Rooms