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Nankarrow offers products for Noise Control, Soundproofing and Acoustical Products for Commercial, Industrial, Educational, House of Worship, Pro Audio, OEM, Home Theater and other Residential applications. All of our products have independent sound and flammability tests for Russia, Europe, USA, and India.

Nankarrow continues to develop industry-leading solutions that offer incredible performance at a price dramatically less than other over-hyped, much more costly alternatives. The Nankarrow Sono Series of acoustical foam offers superior absorption and amazing longevity… in three colors and in a wide variety of aesthetic styles and designs.

Research in acoustics in Russia has always been coordinated by the All-Union Acoustical conferences. The first such conference was initiated by Academician N. N. Andreyev and held in September 1931 at the Physicotechnical Institute in Leningrad. Since 1958, the All-Union conferences were organized by the N. N. Andreyev Acoustics Institute (Moscow).

The Russian Acoustical Society was established in accordance with the resolution of the XI All-Union Acoustical Conference held in June 1991. Today, the Society unites more than 500 members from 120 Scientific Institutions – Research Institutes, Universities, and other scientific organizations in 49 regions of Russia. Since 1976 all Nankarrow products have been designed in collaboration with esteemed associate members of the Russian Acoustic Society.

Product Design Methodology

  • Real Acoustic Measurements 95%
  • Software Modeling (Ease) 89%
  • Empirical Acoustic Data 97%
  • Acoustical Research 90%

Aural Exchange is the authorized distributor for Nankarrow range of products in India.

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