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Nightclub, Bar, Lounge Acoustic Treatment, SoundProofing & AV Consulting

With the explosion of the Indian entertainment industry and the rapid transformation of town into cities and cities into sprawling metros, this is probably the best time ever to invest in the food, beverage and the entertainment industry. If you’re starting a nightclub, we can probably help you with one of the most important factors in its future success – GOOD SOUND!


Have you ever walked into a nightclub venue and your first impression is, “Ouch!!!”  The music is undefined, loud, or is just plain irritating. This is the norm at a lot of small nightclubs and inevitably leads to their unpopularity, even when they are otherwise excellent in ambience, service and f & b.


On the other hand, have you ever walked into a club where the music was rich in high frequency sound, with a well-defined midrange, and clean, thundering bass, as well as great overall dynamics? Its very likely that this is a successful nightclub, with a faithful clientele who loves to hang out regularly.

Is great sound just good luck?


Achieving great audio quality takes skill, an in-depth knowledge of acoustics, and an understanding of what live music and electronic dance music (EDM) is actually supposed to sound like. Many sound retailers may have a few of the necessary components, but still lack the know-how to select or configure an audio system for a nightclub.

How do I get Aural Exchange’s expertise in my city?

There are many ways we can help you get your nightclub off the ground.  Here are a few:

1. Send us pictures and dimensions:

Email or courier scanned photos of the nightclub property to us. These must be taken of the area where you want the system installed, and from different angles. We will also need dimensions (L x B x H) of your property. If you have the floor plan and elevation of the property, please send this to us.

If you haven’t decided on the best location, we can help you make this crucial decision.

2. Show us with a video walkthrough:

Send a video to us with a full walk through of the premises.

3. Onsite Assessment:

Depending on the size and complexity of the install, sometimes traveling to the location is really the best way to address the sound and lighting needs of your project. This way, we can speak with you personally about the many issues your have on your mind everything from speaker placement, to DJ booth wiring, layout, and configuration.

This is something that can be accommodated in an overnight trip, so the cost to you is kept to a minimum.

The installation of a commercial sound system requires its own small wiring infrastructure. This usually consists of several dedicated circuits, which you must choose and install in the DJ booth prior to the sound and lighting installation date.

Attempting to do this after the room construction is complete may result in a mess, as you may have to remove panels or drill holes into your newly designed nightclub fixtures.

We will help you avoid any trouble on this end by assisting you with the CAD layouts of the room prior to, or during the construction period. In cooperation with your electrician, we can note on the drawings where wiring should be installed.

If we are looking after the full install, we can also look after all details regarding how much electrical power the DJ booth will need, as well as recommend placement of the dedicated electrical circuits, etc.

When this is completed within the initial construction phase, it nicely positions the room for a quick and relatively painless installation process. It also saves you money, since you wont need us to complete the electrical detail, but instead can have us install and tune your new sound and lighting system.

Do I need Aural Exchange to tune the system to the room?

Installing and wiring the new sound system correctly is certainly a part of this critical task, but even more important is matching and tuning it to the room’s dynamics. In the worst-case scenario, someone may purchase a wonderful new sound system, install it, fire it up and be extremely disappointed. A bad configuration can often result in premature clipping, annoying AC Hum, or a severe lack of bass and overall dynamics. In most cases, improper positioning and configuration of subwoofers causes too much bass in the nightclub, leading to annoying booming sounds and vibrations in seating areas. This is the #1 biggest problem with most nightclubs in India.

These small bugs can pop up by the hundreds, and this is where real expertise is tested. Our extensive background in nightclub acoustics makes us well-suited for completing this task with few complications, and will guarantee that you get the best sound possible for your investment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I deal with a consulting company from outside of my immediate area?

A: Aural Exchange specializes in nightclub, lounge, bar, and pub sound proofing and acoustics. Our intimate knowledge of the materials, products and methods involved helps us to design places that operate more efficiently and reliably than the competition. We also have a network of top-class consultants across India and it is likely that we will use a consultant located in your city to save costs.

Q: Who makes the best speakers, lights, etc.?

A: No one. Most companies makes products that can excel in one application, but may not be right in another. The environment and application dictates the manufacturer we use. Also we try and recommend manufacturers that have a service center in your city.

Q: How much will good acoustics cost me?

A: If you plan for good soundproofing and acoustics during the design and build, you’re looking at a very low cost, typically Rs 35 – 75 per square feet for acoustics and Rs 100 – Rs 150 for soundproofing. Solving problems after the build is more expensive, and typically costs Rs 250 – Rs 400 per square feet. In either case, Aural Exchange will get you the most for your money.

If you have any questions, please call Ashutosh at +91 9320038513 or fill up this form.