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10 Design Ideas for Recording Studio Builders in India

At Aural Exchange, we almost have a pathological hatred for ugly studios. Imagine an environment so intense you’re running multiple shifts and the typical sound enigneer puts in anything between 8-18 hours a day in a commercial studio cooped up inside a small control room. It really helps to have great aesthetics and a soothing lighting environment, especially one that completely shuts out the outside world. Also, it has been statistically proven that well designed, aesthetically pleasing studios are preferred by clients across films, advertising, tv, and music industries and are also able to charge an average of 25% higher than regular studios. With the amount of acoustic and soundproofing materials available today, and the explosion in LED lighting, there’s simply no excuse to build an ugly studio. Here’s some picks to help you get started on your design! And we’re always here to help if you need us.

Focus on the use of sound diffusers and lighting – these two elements can bring a studio to life. 

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10 Design Ideas for Recording Studio Builders in India
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