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If you’re planning to self-build a HIFI home cinema installation, don’t worry – you’re in good company! It is estimated that you can recover your entire investment in two years by just avoiding commercial cinema halls, and once you’ve built a high quality home cinema room, statistics show that you will cut down commercial cinema visits by 90%. Home cinemas  require much more than the typical room acoustics of residential spaces. Reverberation and disturbing background noise reduce the listening experience, to say nothing of unwanted noise pollution for the neighbours. Nonetheless, home cinema sound insulation and home cinema soundproofing is quite simple with professional tools. If you want to improve your home cinema sound you can bring professional quality to your home theatre ambience by perfectly matching the positioning of the room’s loudspeakers, sound and seating position.

With purposeful soundproofing you can improve room acoustics and home cinema acoustics

Mounting loudspeakers in a home cinema on speaker stands or on the floor may promptly mean a booming sound and a vibrating bass. The sound in your home cinema from the speakers may overlap, and lead to undesired reflections that considerably impair listening pleasure. Materials considered “acoustically hard”, such as concrete, glass and some smooth plastics that we find in most rooms, enhance this effect. Just a few strategically placed sound absorbers can help optimize the home cinema room acoustics in a home cinema room. The absorption should be done with the maximum possible bandwidth (broadband absorbers). Different absorbers for side walls can be combined with installing a home cinema acoustic ceiling according to the space available. Special “bass traps” in the corners particularly help counteract the “humming” in the bass: these edges absorbers improve acoustics if placed with their tip directed towards the room.

Our acoustic absorbers are made out of highly effective high-end acoustic foam and provide a purposeful acoustic channel. How to insulate a home cinema? The room acoustics and the high end sound insulation home cinema can be improved to your liking with sound absorbers made out of fine-pored pyramid foam, bass absorbers for low frequencies, or insulation boards. Outwardly insulating a home cinema or HIFI studio is also very desirable and this can be done by sealing the doors and windows with silicon gaskets. Our sound absorbers are available in many stylish colours and diverse profiles. They unite technical perfection with high aesthetic qualities, and give you free reign when designing individual rooms. Our sound absorbers can be easily attached, thanks to modern technique like hanging installation cartridges in combination with vibration plugs. So, improve home cinema room experience movies or a concert at home with undisturbed pleasure in your high-end home cinema and improve home cinema best sound by improving sound.