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From boomy bass to poor sound-staging, acoustic issues can wreck the audio experience. Aural Exchange has both the expertise and the tools to solve all your audio issues. 

We have seen expensive audio equipment placed in a room that is entirely hard wood floors, brick walls, plywood, gypsum, and glass throughout.  The effect is a highly muddled, boomy, echoing, fluttering listening experience with generally disappointing sound quality.  

Ever wonder why speakers sound better (clearer highs and tighter bass response) on the store showroom than they do at home?  The answer is the room.  This is why AV stores always take you into a special listening room to test the speakers; it is an acoustically tuned space!  Aural Exchange can help you bring that experience home.

We follow a three step process:


With today’s multi-storey buildings and lightweight construction, sound isolation is super critical and this is what 90% of people get wrong. You’ll want to banish distracting household noises from your home cinema, and experience the full power of your surround sound system—without disturbing the peace for neighbours and family members.

Aural Exchange specialists use predictive technologies like Insul to deal with the complexities of sound isolation. Where possible, this means creating a ‘room within a room’ and installing soundproof doors and windows, allowing us to control all the acoustic elements that affect the sound in your home theatre.

By minimising sound pockets and vibrations in your home cinema, we give you the fullest possible dynamic range (that’s the difference between the softest and loudest sounds you can hear). 


We measure and model your room in cutting-edge acoustic modellers like Ease & Odeon to understand the acoustic issues you’re facing. Then we develop solutions and review them with you. You’ll understand the causes of your room’s issues, how its acoustics compare to best practices, and you’ll receive a written acoustic analysis report.


Nearly all rooms have bass issues due to room modes and phase cancellations. We incorporate our deep knowledge of small room acoustics and use broadband absorption to create smooth, impactful bass at all seating positions and minimize seat-to-seat variations in home theaters.


Our home theater design process begins with analysis of sight lines and speaker coverage. Using your requirements on how the theater will be used and which elements to include, we arrange seating, speakers, subwoofers, and the video system. The layout will meet both your needs and industry standards, and we provide a CAD schematic showing component placements with full 3D design to ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting before you start your build.

If you’re planning to self-build a HIFI home cinema installation, don’t worry – you’re in good company! It is estimated that you can recover your entire investment in two years by just avoiding commercial cinema halls, and once you’ve built a high quality home cinema room, statistics show that you will cut down commercial cinema visits by 90%. Home cinemas  require much more than the typical room acoustics of residential spaces. Reverberation and disturbing background noise reduce the listening experience, to say nothing of unwanted noise pollution for the neighbours. Nonetheless, home cinema sound insulation and home cinema soundproofing is quite simple with professional tools. If you want to improve your home cinema sound you can bring professional quality to your home theatre ambience by perfectly matching the positioning of the room’s loudspeakers, sound and seating position.


Your professionally engineered audio system begins with a thorough understanding of the ways in which you will use the system. We work with partners to determine the source, signal processing, amplification, speaker, and subwoofer components not only to fulfil your requirements and meet industry standards (CEDIA, THX), but also to get you the best sound quality for your budget.


The video design process starts with your needs—how you will use the system, what content you will watch, and the level of ambient light. Our partners will professionally engineer your video & projection system to meet industry standards (CEDIA, ISF) and give you the best video quality for your budget.

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  • Note: We collaborate with your design team or turnkey contractor to specify the best products for your soundproofing and acoustic needs.