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Ship & Yacht Building – Acoustic Treatment & Sound Proofing

Whoever drives a boat expects a relaxing atmosphere. It’s unimportant whether it’s a cruise ship, a sport boat, a mega yacht, or on ferries. If the engine of the ship creates an intolerable noise, the romance of seafaring is soon over. Diesel engines for ships frequently create substantial noise levels, requiring effective yacht engine insulation. Moreover, acoustic isolation and engine bay soundproofing, which are essential for optimal and comfortable travelling, are often neglected for space and weight reasons.

The so-called “hard materials” used in modern boat building promote sound formation and propagation, and make engine bay insulation and boat damping in general indispensable. This applies not only to cruise ships and river cruisers on which the passengers want to relax, but also to research ships, container ships and tankers.

If engine noise becomes a problem, the power supply must be encased with insulating material. Aural Exchange has a range of membrane absorbers that are particularly well suited for this. They have outstanding shipbuilding insulation properties. The heavy foam is provided with surface lamination consisting of thin special foil, which protects the sound-absorbing core against oil, dirt and splashing water, and also functions as a vibrating membrane. The membrane absorber may be supplemented with acoustic heavy foil, which improves the frequency response and thus the vibration sensitivity of the materials, due to its high density.

Noise protection for yacht construction in India

In yacht construction, materials like glass-fibre reinforced plastics (GRP), steel, aluminium, wood, and in extremely rare cases, reinforced cement mortar, are usually used. The yacht’s construction, design, equipment, mechanism, and especially the engine mostly depend on where and how often it will be used.

Yachts used in the India must comply with government standards, which also regulate the noise output of individual structures. The increasing importance of yacht insulation, however, isn’t due to this reason alone. The more luxurious a motor-yacht is, the more the users value adequate sound insulation for their marine engines, yacht engine soundproofing and a low noise level in general.

Since the material that is used substantially influences the propagation of sound, the engine room of the yacht should be isolated accordingly, so that reflections are mostly avoided or prevented completely by yacht and boat engine bay soundproofing and general boat engine soundproofing. For this, coating all sound-reflecting surfaces with adequate sound insulation material is indispensable. Membrane absorbers have excellent absorption characteristics, and are therefore optimally suited to guarantee as comprehensive an absorption spectrum as possible, and to ensure an efficient ferry, pleasure craft and yacht isolation.

Effectively improve shipbuilding sound protection in India

From the first draft to setting a boat in the water often takes years of consideration and planning. Elegant designs must ultimately be not only fast and streamlined, but also contain successful soundproofing for boat engines, acoustic ship insulation and yacht quieting. Therefore, additional steps for insulation and soundproofing in the shipbuilding sector are often necessary. Our products improve the ship’s insulation with soundproofing solutions.

Our soundproofing products were developed especially for use in building ships and yachts, offering effective acoustic insulation even for the most demanding engine concepts. Thus, owing to its many years of experience with engine room ship sound insulation, Aural Exchange is a first-class partner of every naval architect partner, partner ship designer or shipbuilding engineer.

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