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NanKarrow NeoWave™ 1ft x 1ft Wedge Foam Acoustic Panel

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  • Fully CNC laser cut, No imperfections
  • Absorbs Mid & High frequency reflections to control the Ambience of most rooms
  • Alleviates flutter echo and slap back
  • Price is for 1 pcs.
  • Sizes: 300mm x 300mm (1ft x 1ft), 1800mm x 900mm (6ft x 3ft)

120.002,000.00 incl GST

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Product Description

NanKarrow NeoWave™ is best for when absolute sound deadening is desired. Wedge acoustic foam is one of the quintessential studio soundproofing and sound absorption materials. Designed to reduce low frequency reverberation within recording studio and anechoic chamber environments

Let us explain the what’s the difference in between Wedge and Pyramid Foam?

Wedge or wave foam is different from pyramid foam. Both pyramid foam and wedge foam have the same room-facing surface area equal to A = 2*a*sqrt(h2+a2/4) However, their volumes differ. The volume of the pyramid is V = 1/3 a2 h and the volume of the wedge is V = 1/2 a2 h. Therefore the wedge has 50% more volume. The amount of absorption is proportional to the volume therefore it is natural to expect that the wedge acoustic foam would absorb more. Wedge foam offers absorption of lower frequencies than pyramid foam.

NanKarrow NeoWave™ wedge foam is recommended for rooms with pronounced low frequency problems or where sonic accuracy is mandatory and maximum acoustic absorption is required (e.g. voiceover or drum booths, forensic audio labs and mastering rooms).

Our product offers excellent acoustic properties, great looks and an affordable price point that works for both professionals and home recording enthusiasts.  It prevents soundwaves from reflecting off of hard surfaces, like ceilings and walls. Instead, it absorbs the waves. The result is a smooth, quiet and calm environment. Though not completely soundproof, noise-dampening foam allows you to enjoy many activities in residential and commercial spaces that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Compared to alternative methods for soundproofing, using sound absorbing foam is fast and easy to install.

If the budget is tight this solution is for you. 2 inch wedge foam is most effective on low ranges. Manufactured utilising state-of-the-art CNC cutting equipment, this product ranks among the most professional solutions in the area of acoustic absorption. The panels effectively reduce reverberant sounds and eliminate reflection. Positioned adequately and accurately, they will provide for brilliant room acoustics results. Its acoustical as well as its optical effects make this foam product highly recommendable. NeoWave™ acoustic panels provide strong noise reduction, good for studios, recording studios, vocal booths, control rooms, broadcast facilities, churches, schools and home theaters.

Whether you’re working with an engineer, architect or interior designer in designing the perfect space or you’re handling your renovations solo, speak with our experts about the best options for your project. Our team isn’t afraid of getting technical, and the information we can provide goes a long way toward maximizing your investment.

NanKarrow NeoWave™ Wedge Panels provide efficient sound absorption, take care of standing waves and flutter echoes, and give your room a professional touch. You get industry-standard sound absorption when you use NanKarrow NeoWave™ Soundproofing wedge acoustic foam.

NanKarrow NeoWave™ Wedge 1ft x 1ft Soundproofing Absorption Acoustic Foam Features :

  • Fully CNC laser cut, No imperfections
  • Absorbs low-mid and high frequency reflections
  • Alleviates flutter echo, Slap back and standing waves
  • Panels provide you with noise control, as well as protection against drafts, heat and humidity.
  • Won’t crumble with age like other brands
  • The wedge pattern has a bold linear pattern that adds architectural interest and creates a visually unique environment.
  • Absorbs up to 40% better than local brands
  • NRC is 0.96
  • Fireproof standard:CA117. Class B under ASTM E84
  • Size: 1ft x 1ft (305mm x 305mm)
  • Thickness: 1inch/2inch (25mm/50mm)
  • Price is for 1 pcs. Minimum order quantity is 12 pcs

Applications :

  • Use to treat most small to medium sized areas, including vocal booths, control rooms, studios, broadcast facilities, home theaters, rehearsal rooms
  • Great for just about any Low & Medium frequency application

Performance Data in 1/3 Octave Bands



Weight 3 kg



25 mm, 50 mm

Units in Box



Home Theater, Industrial, Recording Studios


Open Cell Polyurethane Fire Resistant Foam


5 Years

Individual Product Size

1800mm x 900mm (6ft x 3ft), 300mm x 300mm (1ft x 1ft)

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14 reviews

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What others are saying

  1. Stops echo

    Saurabh Dixit

    Using to reduce echo in my room – I’m a gamer and youtuber and this has increased clarity in my recordings. Recommend the 2″ over the 1″ for good results.

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  2. Fast delivery

    Kush Badhwar

    Received the foams in good condition in 3 days. I am satisfied with the performance.

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  3. Fantastic product for studio


    Treated my elearning studio using NeoWave panels and the result is outstanding.

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  4. Sound capture have improved

    Mridula P

    Worked as advertised. Had no problem mounting using Neofix tape. Helps my home music studio immensely. Wish I had sone this months ago. The quality and depth of voice captured by mic has improved tremendously.

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  5. Studio acoustic treatment

    Suhas Sawant

    These 1×1 wedges of acoustic foam do a nice job deadening a space. I was able to use these to get rid of some obnoxious high frequency energy that created a ringing sound that ended up in my vocal tracks. In addition, my monitors sound a lot better. The stereo imaging and bass response is noticeably improved. I had to purchase a second set of 48. One set did not provide enough coverage, even for my small 12ft x10ft room. This was due to my miscalculations, they’re quite thin so I suppose you need a lot of coverage for them to be effective.

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  6. wedge foam acoustic panels

    Poumit Borgohain

    very delighted with quality of 2inch wedge foam panels and after searching for many days could not find a better price from any company. Buy with confidence – they are offering sheer value for money.

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  7. Nankarrow raising the bar!

    Sameer Malhotra

    These were a great investment my studio sound has improved in so many ways. Using the 2″ wedges. The sound is fantastic another great purchase as always from Aural Exchange

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  8. Great price and quality

    Kabeer Shahani

    Working like magic..no reverb at all…using in my gaming room

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  9. Good for MF and HF echo

    Ashok Singh

    I’ve bought a bunch of these to to control reflections in my studio. The only reason I gave them 4 stars was because they only come in one colour. Best for the price. I used them to control a few reflection areas in my mixing room, and they worked great. They also cover the wall in the vocal booth and do a great job keeping stuff above 1Khz at bay. This type of foam will never come close to the performance of RockWool but for basic deadening and sound control, it does the job.

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  10. Good quality

    Chirag Sheth

    Quality is good and the price is absolutely right. Covered 100% of our banquet ceiling to get the acoustic levels right.

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  11. Does the job

    Farah Mirza

    I’m a voice over artist and recording from home . The quality is top notch and damping is really good. But what’s better is the price. I believe this is a much better option than the other brands out there and the price is a no brainer. Took around seven days to reach me but that’s okay.

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  12. Does a good job


    The foam is good. I chose the 2″ option. Also this is just for a bit of cutting flutter reflections it is not for complete deadning the sound. This will not make any difference to low frequencies.40hz – 250hz no difference. From 250 to 1k it helps in reducing reflections of these frequciencies. I also got Rockwool Safe & Silent Pro for makking 4″ panels so they do an awesome job but I have just added these acoustic foam tiles to the ceiling and other areas of my room not at the direct reflections so it does the job for me. I’d still recommend thicker foam and seperate bass traps for the corners of the room since most of the low frequencies tend to travel and accumulate in all the corners of the room.

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  13. Very impressed

    Shikha Sharma

    I’m purely a voice over artist and don’t record any music in my room. So my ideal room is dead, which I understand is not always what you want when recording music. I use a Sennheiser MK2 condenser. After getting huge quotes from anything between 1-2 lacs from so called acoustic companies in Delhi, in Rs 12000 I’ve been able to seriously deaden my room. The high end splashy reflections I was getting from the ceiling are now greatly reduced, and I can hear my speakers without a lot of secondary reflections interfering. So for deadening high end reflections, I am very satisfied with the performance of one inch panels.

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  14. Nankarrow neowave sounds awesome

    Kevin DSouza

    I glued neowave using neofix tape and the installation was painless. They are hung them on walls and doors (outside surface to block living room sound). I use same room for mixing as well as dubbing/recording instruments. With the Nankarrow panels, you can “sense” how quiet the room is. My recordings with acoustic guitar and electric guitar are sounding awesome. My room is about 13’X10′ 48 wedges plus the triotrap kit has completed sorted the room out.

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